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Howdy Pitchers;


We had a Hot time in Columbus yesterday both pitching and weather. 20 pitchers came out to try and collect one of the last Silver Doubles patch before State Doubles next week in Perry.


Thank you to Aubrey and Stevan for all of the work in getting everything ready for us to pitch. Thank you also to all those that came out to support this tournament. We had some people stop by and ask about pitching so maybe we can keep this going until there is a full blown club in Columbus.


In Class A the Larry Myers and Phil Molloy team were back together for the 2nd week in a row. Larry and Phil annihilated the competition never losing a game. Both pitchers were on fire especially Phil who pitched am Amazing 10% over his average as he continues to hone his game. This combo created an Awesome team that was nearly impossible to beat. The battle for 2nd place and the other spot in the finals from this class was a battle to the end. The Dan Sanders and Stevan Tigges team lost their first two games and had to win their last two to have a shot at the finals. They did just that and came back and tied Regina Bonner and Don Billingsley with both teams having 2 and 2 records. It then came down to team ringer % to break the tie. Dan and Stevan edged Regina and Don out by just six total ringers to advance to the finals.


In Class B the Royce Byrd and Mark Walton team and the Jim Henderson and Ronnie Miller team both started out with two wins before meeting in the head to head match-up. Well Royce and Mark quickly proved who the best team was as they jumped on Jim and Ronnie and beat them 46 to 32. Jim and Ronnie had won chance left and that was to survive a tie breaker with Aubrey Walker and Buddy Ayer. Jim and Ronnie did manage to edge Aubrey and Buddy out by 8 total ringers to take the final Class B spot in the finals.


In the Finals Larry and Phil continued to dominate the first round as they quickly sent Jim and Ronnie to the bench by a score of 61 to 36. In the other semi-final game Royce and Mark edged Dan and Stevan out 37 to 31 to advance to the final game with Larry and Phil. This game proved to be just another bump in the road to Larry and Phil as they handily won this match as well. Larry and Phil took home the title of Doubles Champion with Royce and Mark taking 2nd Place. Jim and Ronnie and Dan and Stevan tied for 3rd Place.


Remember the State Doubles Tournament next Saturday May 19th in Perry. Sign in by 9:30 pitching starts at 10:00 AM. This your only chance to get the Gold State Doubles Patch so donít miss out. I hope to see everyone there.