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Howdy Pitchers;


                What a Great day for Horseshoe Pitching in Cordele Georgia. I think the best part was spending the day with Friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Being around all of these people always brings a smile to my face. We first want to Thank John Bullington and Loida Waters who didn’t pitch but were there cooking “John” and Loida running the stats for us. Thank You both and everyone that helped out to make this tournament a Huge Success.


                Aubrey Walker announced that Lee Smith who ran the Horseshoe Tournament at the Forsythia Festival had been in touch and said he will not be having that tournament again next year in fact he had his courts dug up this week. We want to thank Lee for all he did to promote horseshoes in Georgia even though he didn’t have a sanctioned tournament he always had a huge crowd turn out to pitch. In fact we are looking at having a tournament or two using his format. Maybe we can have Lee come and announce the play by play for us. Thank You Lee for all you have done for horseshoes.


                We had 35 pitchers participating today. We welcomed back Jim Waters “ no relation to Marcus that we know of”. Jim pitched in our association around 20 years ago and we are thrilled to have him back with us. Royce Byrd was also back out on the courts with us today and we loved having him back as well.


The Championship 30 foot class was a battle to the end. Regina Bonner and Larry Myers were tied up heading into the final games with one loss apiece. Dan Sanders had handed Regina a loss early in the pitching and Regina needed to win against Larry to have a chance at a playoff or a straight up win. Regina got her win with 14 dead ringers each Regina was able to hold off Larry’s hard charge late in the game to win by one point. With Larry having a tie with Ron Cloutier Regina also edged Larry out of 1st Place by just a half a game. Larry also edged Ron out of 2nd Place by just a half game as well. Ron had a Great day pitching and took home 3rd Place.


                The Championship 40 Foot Class was the Matt Braswell show all day. Matt never lost a game all day pitching very well early in the season. Jerry Wingfield gave Matt a scare coming within one point of a tie. Jerry was down 29 to 15 at 30 shoes before he started his charge. At the down and back Jerry was down 29 to 25 Jerry nailed a ringer to make it 28 to 29. Down by one point Jerry pitched first and put a double on, Matt needed a double to seal the win and that is what he did pitching two perfect ringers to hold onto the one point lead and seal the win. Matt took 1st place in the Championship Class followed by Marcus Waters in 2nd Place and Jerry Wingfield in 3rd Place.


                Royce Byrd made the most of his return by having a perfect day in Class A. it wasn’t easy by any means Don Hutchens gave Royce everything he had. With the winner of their game taking the Class Championship Patch it was a Battle Royale ‘For my Wrestling Buddies”. Royce was able to hold Don off and Take the win and the Class A Championship. Don took 2nd Place followed by Jim Henderson in 3rd Place.


                Jack Lester didn’t wait till the final tournament of the year to qualify for the Tournament of Champions next year. He went ahead and punched his ticket to the TOC today by winning a hard fought Class B. This class saw everyone beat up on each other all day. When the dust settled Jack was the victor taking a half game win over Suzanne Miller for the Class B title. Suzanne edged James Rozier out of 2nd Place by just a half game as well. James took a well-deserved 3rd Place in a very tough class.


                Buddy Ayer was also perfect today not losing a game on the way to the Class C Championship. Buddy survived a one point game over Don Billingsley to maintain his perfect day. Don also had a Great day taking 2nd Place followed by Stevan Tigges in 3rd Place. Stevan and Don tied on their records but Don beat Stevan head to head and that broke the tie in Don’s favor.


                Wade Wolford had one small blemish to an otherwise perfect day. Joe Almand was able to tie Wade in their head to head match-up to keep Wade from being perfect but Wade still took home the Class D Championship. Joe followed Wade with a hard fought 2nd Place finish.


                Thanks to everyone that came out and pitched with us today. We appreciate the support and strive to make these tournaments fair and fun.


                Next week we roll into Lawrenceville for the Six on a Stick tournament. I hope everyone can make it, it is always lots of fun there. Sign in by 9:30 AM with pitching to start at 10:00 AM.