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Howdy Pitchers;


The 2016 GHPA State Singles are in the books and it was a Great Tournament. Friday we had a few showers to deal with but all in all it turned out to be a Great Tournament. We had some great games pitched and some new faces winning their class.


A special Thank You to the 4 Stakes Club for hosting this event. It takes a lot of hard work and it showed. Thanks for all you did.



In the Elders Championship Class we crowned a new Elders Champion. Jerry Morris handed Zane Goggin a defeat in his first game of the day but then Zane found his zone and started nailing ringers in the rest of his games to take the Championship. Dan Sanders and Jimmy Coile both finished with 4 and 2 two records after the rest of the class took turns beating up on each other. Dan took 2nd Place on Ringer % and Jimmy took 3rd Place.        


The Elders Class A had to go to overtime after Ray Hudgins, Aubrey Walker and Jimmy Hudgins all finished with 3.5 and 1.5 records. All three men had a loss and a tie to force the playoff. Aubrey and Ray faced off in the final game after Jimmy had to withdraw from the playoff. The match between Ray and Aubrey was a nail biter with the players tied at the down and back. Ray took a 3 point lead on the down and then pitched a perfect ringer on the way back. Aubrey didnít let up he covered the ringer with his first shoe and then had his second shoe bounce away to give Ray a two dead and one point. Ray took a hard fought 1st Place win to claim the Elder Class A Championship with Aubrey taking 2nd Place followed by Jimmy Hudgins in 3rd Place.


Elders Class B also needed overtime to settle the Class Champion. Lee Howington got a shellacking from Charles Mathis in their first game but got some help from Bobby Thaxton who beat Charles to help force the Playoff between Lee and Charles. The final game was a great one Lee got the revenge he was looking for by defeating Charles and taking the Elders Class B Championship. Mark Walton took home 3rd Place.


In the Menís Championship Class Matt Braswell had a perfect record as he took the GHPA Menís State Singles Championship. Larry Davis took 2nd Place as he continued his Hot Pitching. Marcus Waters took 3rd Place followed by Jeff Coile in 4th Place.


Louie Bonner destroyed the competition in Menís Class A on his way to a perfect day. Louie gave Ronnie Miller a whipping along the way when he pitched his 60 % ringer game. The only consolation Ronnie had was it was a 40% game for him but it sure didnít feel like it. Tony Bennett took 2nd Place and along the way handed Ronnie another whipping with his 50% game. Ronnie did manage to wobble into 3rd Place followed by Jim McElveen in 4th Place.


Now for the hardest part of the write-up, no Iím just kidding. Jack Lester had a perfect Day in Menís Class B as he took the Class Championship. Jackís closest game was against Fred Bennett where he won by five points. Jack was the picture of consistency all day as he stayed focused and had an Amazing and Well Deserved State Singles Class Championship. Trace Mason was right on Jackís heels finishing one game back in 2nd Place. Brandon Carlton had a Great first State Singles taking 3rd Place followed by Tony Reece in 4th Place. Way to Go Jack!!! Iím Proud of You!


In Menís Class D those tie games proved again how much they can affect the final results. Don Billingsley won the Class by Ĺ half game after tying with Johnny Wetherford and having one other loss it looked bad for Don but he held on to take the Class Championship as Jesse Rogers and Walter Brake each had two losses. This time the Ĺ game proved a friend to Don and maybe not so much to Jesses and Walter. Walter took 2nd Place on Ringer % followed by Jesse in 3rd Place and Dennis Hajek in 4th Place.


In Menís Class D Steven Tigges also had a Perfect Day not losing a game. Steven took the Class Championship followed by Tony Mayberry in 2nd Place.        


The Womenís Championship Class wound up with a tie and a Playoff between Coni Hix and Regina Bonner. Regina made an amazing comeback in the first game of the double round robin. Coni returned the favor in the 2nd game and forced the playoff. The Playoff seemed to last forever as they both pitched Amazing games, but in the end Coni prevailed and took the Womenís State Singles Championship. Regina who has had a Great year took a well-deserved 2nd Place.


Jann Bennet capped off her Awesome year with a 1st Place win in Womenís Class A. Jann didnít lose a game on the way to the title. Suzanne Miller only lost to Jann as she took 2nd Place.


Tanya Coile was also perfect all day as she took the Womenís Class B title followed by Jean Bullington in 2nd Place.


Taylor Coile was our Junior Girlís Champion and Ryan Herrick was the Cadet Champion.


Thanks To Everyone that participated and Thank You to all of those that helped make this tournament a success.


See everyone soon